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Call: 770-736-9190 / 888-936-9190
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Our HR Services and Technology include:

Payroll Administration

E2E Payroll specialists provide trouble-free data entry, information updates, and accurate record keeping each pay period.  We maintain strict accounting of employee eligibility and tax requirements.  Employer entries and updates may be provided electronically via the E2E Web portal or delivered in paper formats.  Secure access to payroll information is also available online to authorized viewers.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Significant reductions in administrative costs are the natural outcome of E2E's Benefit Administration offerings.  But an even greater value-add begins prior to enrollment.  E2E relies on a wealth of experience and market knowledge to recommend the best available coverage at the best price.  You have the flexibility to choose from a number of options, all based on thorough and objective product evaluations.

Retirement Plans

From 401(k) Plans and Simple IRA Plans to Executive Deferred Compensation Plans and more, E2E removes the headaches from retirement plan record keeping and administration. Our strict adherence to regulatory requirements ensures smooth audits and testing. In addition to providing all necessary reports, E2E can also furnish employee communication support such as enrollment brochures and other plan documentation.

Worker's Compensation Services

Information management, claims management, and claims review services are all part of E2E's efforts to contain the cost of administering Worker's Compensation coverage. Our Worker's Comp experts help you determine the required coverage necessary for your business, handling all administrative details and ensuring regulatory compliance in the event of an audit or test.

Statutory Compliance

Managing regulatory issues can be a real drain on your time - not to mention your financial resources - if you're hit with costly penalties for non-compliance. Trust those details to E2E. We make it our business to stay on top of statutory requirements, and with your input, we handle the paperwork with ease. The result? We'll help you meet all state and federal regulations. Plus the commitments you make to your employees.

Invoice Consolidation

Each month, E2E issues one invoice with itemized billing for any and all services provided. Applicable payroll amounts, insurance and benefit payments, plus totals for retirement plans and taxes are all included. Payment is made through a secure ACH account for transparent convenience.

Our Technology

E2E's technology platform has been custom designed explicitly to answer the needs of small to medium-size organizations. Our secure Web-based system, one of the most comprehensive and feature-rich in the industry, is accessible by employers (and password-authorized employees) on a 24/7 basis.

A wide range of standard reports is automatically output by the system, including error reports to track any discrepancies. These include:

  • Pay Statements
  • Pay Statement - Flexible-Active Reports
  • 401(k) Statements
  • Employee Benefits Statements
  • HR Benefits Schedules
  • I-9 and W-4 Reports
  • G-4 and Georgia New Hires
  • Inactive Employee Reports
  • Workers' Comp Reports

For further convenience, ad-hoc reports can be prepared as needed to satisfy unique employer requirements. Report examples include:

  • Sick pay
  • Vacation pay
  • Expenses
  • Terminations
  • Benefit eligibility
  • And more

For more information on E2E Benefits and HR Services contact us at:

All Departments: 770-736-9190

Benefits and HR Sales Department:
Raymer Sale, Jr., CLU

HR Customer Service:
Preet Singh

Benefits Customer Service:
Joyce Garrett

Courtni Karshagen