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E2E Advanced Technology Solutions

E2E Advanced Technology provides platforms that are custom designed explicitly to answer the needs of our client organizations and their employees.

Our secure web-based system, one of the most comprehensive and feature-rich in the industry, is accessible by employers (and password-authorized employees) on a 24/7 basis.  The E2E proprietary system is one in which employee information can be housed and tracked.  Because all information is retained in one system, entering errors are reduced, information is consistent, and integrating all processes is easier.  The E2E streamlined processes and self-service tools coupled with professional live support ease administrative burden and help drive results, allowing HR staff to pursue a more strategic HR role.

The E2E Benefits on Demand mobile application was designed to assist HR personnel by putting the answers to employee questions in the palm of their hands.

Proprietary Website

  • Secure one password entry
  • Interactive website for all transactions
  • Employee time clock

HRMIS Software

  • Human resource software for personnel management
  • Includes access to W-4, I-9, G-4 and Georgia New Hire forms
  • Easy access to reports*

    *Reports include, but may not be limited to:
    • Error Reports
    • Pay Statements
    • Pay Statement - Flexible-Active Reports
    • 401(k) Statements
    • Employee Benefits Statements
    • HR Benefits Schedules
    • I-9 and W-4 Reports
    • G-4 and Georgia New Hires
    • Inactive Employee Reports
    • Workers' Comp Reports
  • Ad-hoc reports** prepared as needed to satisfy unique employer requirements

    **Report examples include, but may not be limited to:
    • Sick pay
    • Vacation pay
    • Expenses
    • Terminations
    • Benefit eligibility

Benefits on Demand Smartphone Mobile Application

The E2E Benefits on Demand™ mobile application is a solution designed to simplify employee benefits and reduce HR administrative expenses involved in individual employee assistance. Benefits on Demand ™ puts the answers to most human resource questions at the employee’s fingertips by providing immediate access to important benefits and HR information from any smartphone.  This exclusive E2E mobile app allows important HR and benefits information to be accessed from one place versus searching multiple sites and programs. 

Through the Benefits on Demand™ App, employees can access:

  • All benefits ID cards
  • Provider locator
  • Pharmacy locator
  • X-Ray, lab, MRI, and other facilities locators
  • Telemedicine - 24/7 direct dial medical advice
  • Summary of Benefits Coverage for all providers
  • Dependent Information
  • Timeclock
  • Check stubs
  • Company information, as provided, such as Employee Handbooks and newsletters