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Summary of Services

One Call Access

  • One phone number and one call for total access to all services


  • Interactive website for all transactions

Payroll Administration

  • Electronic or paper timesheet
  • Electronic time clock
  • Receive time records Audit time sheet to be sure insurance & non-tax deductions are accurate
  • Forward time sheet to payroll service
  • Premium Pay Calculation

Human Resources Services

  • Audit personnel files for accuracy
  • Create or review Employee Handbook
  • Access to HR consultant live or email

HRMIS Software

  • Install and maintain human resource software for personnel management
  • System contains W-4, I-9, G-4 and Georgia New Hire forms

Billing Consolidation

  • Receive payroll service invoice for payroll & services
  • Invoice employer for payroll, benefits, workers compensation, etc.
  • ACH transfer of funds from employer account to E2E holding account for payroll, taxes, benefits, workers compensation premiums, administration fees & any other employer requested deduction
  • Pay insurance premiums & other fees when due

Employee Benefits Services

  • Track employee eligibility
  • Add new employees to the insurance plans when eligible
  • Terminate employee from insurance plans with eligibility expires
  • Employee service center for benefits assistance
  • Shop benefits market for acceptable programs based on employer requirements
  • Provide a market analysis of available benefits programs
  • Coordinate all insurance services for employer

C.O.B.R.A. Administration (when applicable)

  • Contract with administrator to provide C.O.B.R.A. administration
  • Coordinate services between employees and administrator
  • Certification of Continued Coverage

State Continuation (when applicable)

  • Contract with administrator to provide State administration
  • Coordinate services between employees and administrator

PPACA - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

  • Unaffordable coverage employee premium exceeds 9.5% of compensation
  • Fulltime/Fulltime-Equivelant employees
  • Benefits costs for W-2 reporting
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) posting

Retirement Plan Tracking

  • Real time accumulation of annual reporting data
  • Completion and submission of annual testing information
  • Per pay period transmission of 401k contributions and employer match

Workers' Compensation

  • Track real time pay for audit purposes and provide audit information when requested


  • Embedded link for verification of legal presence in the United States

Human Resources
E2E can assist you with all your Human Resource needs including, Payroll Services, Workers Compensation Tracking, Invoice Consolidation, Insurance Premium Payments, and much more.

Employee Benefits
E2E can significantly reduce your company’s administrative costs through our portfolio of employee benefits and services programs.