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E2E News & Notes

Recent ACA Tax Changes and One Extension that Impact Your 2020 Compliance Requirements

Donna Hill, E2E's Senior / Medicare Specialist & Compliance Director, has written this overview to keep you informed about recent changes to three taxes imposed by the Affordable Care Act and the…

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3 difficult human resource issues facing manufacturers and best practices to better manage them

As a business owner or human resource professional in manufacturing, how are you managing the cost of healthcare benefits, recruiting and retaining good employees and avoiding costly compliance fees?

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UPDATE: Paid Family Leave Laws

Be sure to review this summary of state laws requiring paid family leave if you have out-of-state employees. Some of the changes were effective 1/1/2020.

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Two important updates from the National Association of Health Underwriters

On December 19, 2019, Congress Repealed the Cadillac Tax and Health Insurance Tax

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Effective January 15, 2020 - New DOL Rule on Calculating 'Regular Rate' of Pay

The FLSA definition of the regular rate of pay has been updated - the first update since 1969. The new rule clarifies employers may exclude up to eight perks from the regular rate calculation.

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Red, Blue & You 2019 Exceeds Expectations

The 4th Annual Red, Bue & You Celebration of Community Heroes drew first responders, public safey personnel and supporters together.

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Telemedicine, Walk-In Clinics, Free Employer Provided Health Screenings Offer Savings and Convenience

In a 2018 survey, results showed almost 25% of U.S. adults don't have a regular doctor.

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Short Term Medical - "Junk" Insurance or a Viable Solution

We were recently directed to an article that ran in Bloomberg Businessweek that focused on a family in Arizona who were left with $244k in medical bills after they purchased a Short Term Medical plan…

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