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Top 5 Open Enrollment Tips

The following important tips will help human resource teams and employers plan a successful open enrollment period.

Tip #1: Design a Clear and Concise Open Enrollment Announcement

Make sure your open enrollment announcement clearly summarizes key information, including:

  • Open enrollment period dates for all benefits
  • Pre-tax contribution rates by specific benefit
  • Post-tax contribution rates by specific benefit
  • Premium increases (if any)
  • Any benefit changes

Tip #2: Create and Follow a Schedule for Communicating Open Enrollment Information

Create a timeline for distributing the required communication materials to help ensure a successful open enrollment. The following is an example of a potential timeline:

  • Email and/or mail your open enrollment announcement 7-14 days prior to the open enrollment period
  • Send email reminders 1-3 days before the open enrollment period begins, and include FAQs
  • Send a reminder on the 1st and 2nd days of open enrollment to all employees, which includes information such as open enrollment requirements and deadlines

Tip #3: Determine Employee Eligibility

If your company is subject to the "pay or play" provisions of the Affordable Care Act (which generally applies to those with 50 or more full-time employees, including full-time equivalent employees), be sure you have used proper methods for determining whether an employee has sufficient hours of service to be considered full-time, and therefore eligible for health benefits. Even if your company is not subject to the "pay or play" provisions, it would be prudent to confirm the eligibility requirements for particular benefits.

Tip #4: Distribute Required Benefits Notices or Disclosure Statements

Ensure that required notices are distributed, such as a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), Summary Plan Description (SPD), and Notice of Special Enrollment Rights.

Tip #5: Don't Overlook the Human Touch

Make sure that there is a company representative accessible to employees throughout the enrollment period who can answer questions and serve as a resource. Allocating staff time to this is a wise investment that will limit frustration and create a better experience for employees as they enroll.

Contact an E2E Expert with your concerns or questions about being prepared for your Open Enrollment. We are here to help you with urgency and compassion.

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