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Tidbit Tuesday: Traveler's Insurance - To Buy or Not to Buy

Travel, whether for business or pleasure, is expensive.  Many expenses associated with travel are non-refundable and your group or individual healthcare policy may not cover care outside of the US, making travel insurance critical.  You never know what can happen between the time you book and the time you arrive back home. Emergencies are just that, emergencies.  You don’t know...[more]


Tidbit Tuesday: Telemedicine - What is it and What are the Benefits of it?

Telemedicine refers to the use of telecommunications to exchange medical information for the purpose of improving a patient's health. Telemedicine can be broken into three main categories: store-and-forward, remote patient monitoring, and interactive services. Store-and-forward telemedicine involves transferring medical data and communications such as lab results, x-rays, and MRI scans sent...[more]


Tuesday Tidbit: Emailing Essential Employee Communications - What are the Rules?

It is becoming more and more common for important employee communications to be sent by email. However, there are very specific rules that govern this method of distribution for certain documents, including your Plan Document(s) and the reporting forms that will be required in early 2016. Some of these rules: It is okay to deliver essential communications by email if the employee has access to...[more]


Tuesday Tidbit: To Monitor or Not to Monitor, That is the Question

In most instances, employer monitoring of work-related equipment (including vehicles) and resources accessed on company time is perfectly legal. Only two states, Connecticut and Delaware require that employees be notified they are being monitored.What employers are looking for: Violation of any company policyInappropriate or offensive languageExcessive personal use Breach of confidentiality...[more]


Tuesday Tidbit: Employee Rentention - Make Them Stay!

Does your office sometimes feel like a revolving door of employees? You spend all of that time and money recruiting them, and then all of that time and money training them, and then all of that time and money on benefits and still they exit.  Let’s look at some reasons employees stay with a company and how you can increase your retention.Why Employees Stay:Of course the number one reason is...[more]


Tuesday Tidbits: The Performance Review

Do you know what your employees are thinking? Do they know how well they are doing their jobs? Do they know what you’re thinking? A performance review on at least an annual basis can clear the air, align your business goals with your employees’ goals and promote open communication in a team environment. An effective performance review will include the following steps:1. Understand key objectives...[more]


Tuseday Tidbits: Limited Term Employee?

You are not alone if you continue to be confused by the terms full-time, variable hour, seasonal and full-time equivalent as they apply to your employees.  Here are brief definitions for ACA Section 4580H (Employer “Play or Pay” purposes:Full-time employee – Any employee who works or is expected to work an average of 30 hours a week or more.   For determining whether or not you are...[more]


Tuesday Tidbits: More Data, More Forms, But No More Time

I know businesses are created for the purpose of completing government forms and complying with government regulations, so here is one more piece of data you need to collect.  And don’t forget to try and earn a living in the process. Don’t be fooled by knowing that the new IRS Forms 1094B, 1095B, 1094C and/or 1095C don’t have to be filed until 2016.  While that’s true, those filings...[more]


FYI… The scoop on the required proof of healthcare coverage.

Just in case you, or one of you employees is told to produce proof of coverage for your tax filing, here is the scoop from the IRS, in summary. 2015 marks the first time taxpayers will be asked about health care coverage when completing their 2014 tax return.  Most taxpayers simply need to check a box indicating they had qualifying health care coverage for the entire year of 2014.  The...[more]


Rule Summary for Safe Harbor Pay Rate

Summary of Rules Regarding the Rate of Pay Safe Harbor for Determining Affordability for the Employer’s Shared Responsibility[more]

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